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Duck Neck

Duck Neck

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Dehydrated duck necks are great for chewing, to keep your dog entertained and improve his dental hygiene. Duck necks contain high levels of B vitamins and minerals, such as phosphorus, potassium, zinc and selenium. B vitamins are particularly important for promoting metabolism, as well as supporting heart health.


    Meaty & Hearty Duck Necks sourced from Hawaii Businesses.  Dehydrated for your Dog to enjoy.  The Dehydrated Duck Necks come in a pack of 3ea.  These treats offer a great meaty chew for your pet.

  • Disclaimer

    All products are natural and safe for your dog, but please be aware that each dog has different sensitivities and we can not be held responsible if your dog does not react well to their treats. It is advised that you monitor your Dog as they chew on the Dehydratd Duck Necks.

    Dehydrated Duck Neck Benefits:

    1. Oral health for your Dog's teeth.  Chewing on the dehydrated Duck Neck will aid in removal of plague & tartar build up.  Dehydrated Duck Necks provide plenty of chew time for your Dog.

    2.Dehydrated Duck Necks are high in protein &  B vitamins.

    3.Duck Necks provide minerals such as Zine & Selenium.  Potassium also can aid in heart health.




    Once an order is placed & payment is processed, we will ship out our Doggie Treats to you within 3-5 business days.  We will ship all treats boxed to protect the Treats that were purchased.  We ship throughout the United States.

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